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Alumni testify in support of Africana Studies

From the Daily Egyptian: A number of attendees spoke to the board in defense of the Africana studies program. The undergraduate degree program is on the chopping block following Board of Trustees approval of the “Financial Sustainability Plan” in July. This plan would cut about $26 million from the university, including seven degree programs. The bachelor’s in Africana studies is…

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SIU Board of Trustees student rep defends Africana Studies

In a recent column in the Daily Egyptian, Sam Beard, who serves as the student representative on the SIU Board of Trustees, defended the Africana Studies department and laid out important reasons why it should not be cut. Check out the full column at the Daily Egyptian website: An anti-racist institution would never cut Africana Studies. And in a world…

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Letter to the editor: Don’t cut Africana Studies at SIUC

The Carbondale Racial Justice Coalition published a letter to the editor on August 24, in defense of the administration’s proposal to cut the Africana Studies department at SIUC. Here is an excerpt: We are writing to express our deep dismay and concern about the possible closure of the Bachelor of Arts program in Africana Studies at SIU Carbondale, announced at…

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