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SIU student succeeds with help from the Jordan Brand

Photo Credit: Caroline Hidalgo — Rozzie Caribs (center) greets his friend Calvin Stewart during a “study jam” at the library at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale on April 10. Cribbs received a full-ride college scholarship through the Jordan Brand’s Wings program.

From The Undefeated:

Rozzie Cribbs never thought he’d make it to the promised land. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, the idea of being a full-time student on the campus of a four-year university was a seemingly unattainable goal. He hadn’t seen many kids like him ever reach it — and not for a lack of trying. For some, life circumstances simply dictated the mindset. “I wasn’t really thinking about college,” said Cribbs.

Yes, Cribbs made it to college, and he did it with help from the Jordan Brand. After Cribbs was admitted into the Jordan Brand Wings Scholars Program, he was awarded $10,000, which he figured would be enough money for only two semesters at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, and then, in a reverse move, he’d transfer to a community college. But while sitting in a freshly moved-into dorm room, on just his second day at SIU, the phone rang.

‘You got a full ride,’ ” Cribbs, now a sophomore studying communication design, recalled Haslip telling him. “I was like, ‘Wait, what?! A full ride?’ I used to consider myself a realist, thinking college ain’t gonna happen. But this scholarship taught me to think, just put the work in and try. It’s changed me as a person.” Cribbs and two other young people in this story are but three of the more than 200 students since 2015 who’ve received full scholarships to attend college through Wings.

“If you got wings, you can fly,” Miller said. “And our goal is to give everybody wings.” Michael Jordan wouldn’t have it any other way.

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