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SIU Rec Center celebrates 40 years

Photo Credit: The Southern Illinoisan – Visitors to the SIU Student Recreation Center’s 40-year anniversary celebration check out the facility’s new history wall.

From the Southern Illinoisan:

Past and present employees of the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Student Recreation Center gathered Saturday to celebrate the facility’s 40 years of service to students and the community.

The 214,000-square-foot recreation center on Grand Avenue, now home to a wide array of gymnasiums and studios, was originally built on the site of a run-down trailer park that served as student housing.

In 1963, SIU students approached the university administration to request the development of a recreation center. To raise the $11 million needed to build the facility, students paid into a fee each semester from 1964 to 1977, according to Troy Vaughn, SRC director.

“Knowing that we had thousands of students who paid into this fee and never used the facility at any point during that entire process, I think it’s important that that story be told,” Vaughn said.

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