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Welcome from the Black Affairs Council

Message from the Execs:

Greetings our great Alumni!BAC Logo

My name is Albert Reed. I am currently a junior here at Southern Illinois University, studying Radio-TV. In my time here, I have noticed a great need. We need help. By we, I mean the black community here at SIU. From student to staff there has been a disconnect somewhere through the change in times. We used to be motivated, ready and willing to stand strong for any cause that really meant something. We used to not be easily distracted, and we used to be able to organize, peacefully and radically in the name of true justice. What happened you ask? I believe that as a people, we have somewhat lost our sense of purpose. Most students you ask now, are only in college to learn, but a wise man told me, “You can learn something in five minutes and leave, as a student you are here to graduate.” Black students currently have the lowest retention and graduation rates here at SIU, and seeing that we make up a little over half of the student population, this is a major problem.

What I plan to do this school year, as Coordinator for the Black Affairs Council is to use the resources that are available to the organization. I want to get more of our wonderful Alumni involved on campus. BAC is in the process of planning several events, programs, and meetings to allow Alumni to interact and connect with current students. The Alumni we have are a great asset to have. You all have been through so much and paved the way for us, knowingly and unknowingly to succeed. We just have to take the torch that has been passed to us.

In the words of Malcom X, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

If anyone has any questions, want to participate, or just offer words of encouragement, feel free to contact me.

Thank You,


Albert Reed
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Radio- TV | Specialization: Electronic Journalism
Black Affairs Council |  Coordinatior
(773) 551- 4683

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