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SIU hires Africana philosophy specialist

From the Daily Egyptian:

The newest hire to the philosophy department comes as the first ever at SIU in his area of expertise; professor Alfred Frankowski is the university’s only Africana philosophy specialist.

Frankowski focuses on a range of areas within that specialty, including critical philosophy of race, African American and Africana philosophy, aesthetics, post-colonialism and critical genocide studies, according to the department’s website.

While at Northeastern, he said he developed a second research interest in the field of genocide studies, with a particular focus on Africa.

“I was working with some folks there, and we all thought that that would be an interesting way of re-thinking genocide, thinking about Africa and the African diaspora as the center of thinking about structures of genocide, as opposed to starting from the Holocaust and thinking about every genocide as having to meet the Holocaust standard,” Frankowski said.

Frankowski currently teaches two classes at SIU, Intro to Ethics and Philosophy of Race.

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