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SIU Diversity Council creating cultural competency curriculum

From the Daily Egyptian:

Members of the Diversity Council say they are working on a proposal to add cultural competency into the curriculum that they will present to the chancellor by the end of the semester.

In the first draft of Chancellor Carlo Montemagno’s academic reorganization, he said he tasked the Diversity Council with incorporating cultural competency in the core curriculum.

This would entail making students more aware of cultural differences, Elizabeth Lewin, the associate chancellor for diversity, said.


Johnathan Flowers, the Diversity Council’s co-chair and president of the Graduate and Professional Student Council, said their previous work centered on how the university engaged in blending diversity into coursework and the core curriculum. Flowers said this gives the council a starting point.

“We want to do it in a way that enables everyone to engage in the cultural competency education that we are seeking to provide,” Flowers said. “We want to do it right.”

Flowers said the council wants to be careful not to lessen the work done by other forces on campus that focus on the experiences of marginalized students. The Diversity Council and units like Africana studies and Latino studies should work together, Flowers said.

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