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SIU Board of Trustees student rep defends Africana Studies

In a recent column in the Daily Egyptian, Sam Beard, who serves as the student representative on the SIU Board of Trustees, defended the Africana Studies department and laid out important reasons why it should not be cut.

Check out the full column at the Daily Egyptian website:

An anti-racist institution would never cut Africana Studies. And in a world like the one we are facing today, it is clearly the time to be investing in it.

Having a healthy, well-funded department will help ensure black history will no longer be subordinated to a narrative of whiteness.

I speak for at least some of my constituents when I say that people are pissed — pissed that a group of predominantly white administrators want to cut black studies because it is not making them enough money.

That continued discussion on campus about what ultimately should happen with the department is all around us. All you need to do is listen and, well, care.

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