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BAG Alumni Spotlight: Candace Griffin (Radio & TV ’07)

Candaheadshotcce Griffin (MCMA, RT, 07) is presently working as hard as she possibly can at Viacom Media Networks; BET Networks. She is listed as a “Contractor/Consultant; Supervising Producer – Event Producer – Editor for the BET network, where she has worked since 2009. During her time at SIUC, Ms. Griffin was equally busy, as a producer and editor at WSIU-TV. In addition to her degree in Radio & Television Production, she also minored in English, Creative Writing and Black American Studies.  One of her signature accomplishments was her work, during her senior year at SIUC, in creating and directing an award-winning documentary, “Got Purpose?” Her stated purpose in initiating this project was “interviewing a range of her peers about critical topics in hopes of finding a cure to mediocrity. The documentary also includes reflections by the hip-hop artist and actor, Common; the internationally known writer Sam Greenlee (author of The Spook Who Sat by the Door); noted clergy-activist, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright; and radio personality, Tony Sculfield. Candace Griffin included in this film comments and challenges from a wide-range of SIUC alumni also. Not for a class, but for an urgent need, “Got Purpose” is a great example of what an SIUC student can do with encouragement and support.

After her time on the SIUC campus, she worked for two years in Chicago as a writer/producer and intern supervisor for the Weigel Broadcasting Company before joining BET in 2009. Candace Griffin, a firm believer that education should prepare a person to be an agent of transformation in society, continues to volunteer, lecture, present workshops and mentor young people to believe in themselves and to develop all of their talents.

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